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Home and contract furniture

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Viccarbe is located in Valencia, a marvellous Mediterranean city where we enjoy more than 300 days of sun a year.


This light has a great influence on our feeling for colours, warmth of materials and attention to detail, our sense of humour and the way we look after our friends is what make us different.


Viccarbe collection shows the value and references for a contemporary style of living, with wide range products for comfortable living. It is distinguished by great simplicity, innovate elegance and global brand awareness. 


The aim is to inspire Mediterranean experiences in unique collaborative spaces, through the creation of multi-faceted, warm and timeless pieces, perfect for integrating well into many different spaces (home, office, meeting rooms, hotels, restaurants, cafés, airports, schools, universities or libraries).

Sustainability and Certifications

Quality Certifications ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ANSI BIFMA and UNE certified. 


Viccarbe is certified by SGS in ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 as well as with the Symbol_C by the Furniture Institute of Technology (AIDIMA), which guarantees that the products have been tested. And use PEFC certified wood in all products indicated. 


- Assure the customer that appropriate environmental management is being carried out by showing proof of it.

- Maintain a good relationship with the community and the general public by evaluating and minimising 

  the environmental impact produced in the area.

- Comply with the relevant environmental legislation.

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