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Italian-made designer furniture

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et al. was founded in 1956 and immediately distinguished itself with the creation of an icon of Italian design, the armchair 001 with steel frame and interwoven wire body, an object that created quite a following in the world and that still decorates some of the historic cafes of Venice and Rome, as well as exclusive international venues. Thanks to a rich range of original solutions, et al. confirms itself as the brand of choice for the furnishing of internal and external collective spaces. Its products are recognized for having defined some of the most important contemporary creations of hotels, restaurants, and cafés. 


et al. objects are born from the collaboration with internationally renowned designers, in an important and continuous exchange that allows the company to have an always up-to-date catalogue that responds to the trends of a constantly evolving market. Design, comfort, and sturdiness are the result of the combination between advanced technologies and expert hands of Italian artisans, integrating the advantages of industrial innovation with attention to detail and extensive personalization options. 


Today, et al. is committed to the creation and management of a service system in favour of designers and clients who want to develop a unique interior design project. Even more significant is the expanded range of fabrics available for et al. prodcuts. These materials from renowned high-quality textile manufactuers including Gabriel, Kvadrat, Camira, Sunbrella, characterise the fabric collections chosen by et al. , which focuses particular attention on the aesthetic, technological and functional properties of the individual materials, all of which stand out for their excellent resistance and adaptability to the features of et al. products.


et al. is a trademark of IFI S.p.A, an important industrial group leader in innovative solutions for design and technology in the furnishing of public venues. The company is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Production takes place in compliance with low energy consumption and with scrupulous control of any harmful emissions.


et al. received the UNI EN ISO 14001 certification which defines the effective environmental management system. The company places great emphasis on the environmental impact of its products throughout their life cycle, fully respecting man and nature.

All products are made of non-toxic and recyclable materials, and relationships are favoured with suppliers who produce materials such as:

  • FSC certified wood, a trademark that indicates that the wood contained in products originates from forests  managed in a correct and responsible manner according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards;

  • plastic products marked in accordance with UNI EN ISO 11469 in order to facilitate their recognition during recovery and recycling at the end of their life span;

  • UNI EN 12150 certified glass; non-toxic and non-allergenic fabric that meet the criteria that entered into force on 1 June, 2007 in the European Union through Regulation No 1907/2006/ EC. 

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