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Magis is a Latin word that means “more than”.

For more than 40 years we have been creating design products for people’s homes, offices and public spaces. Magis was founded in 1976 in Northern Italy, and since then we have developed to become a global design player staying true to our core value: pushing the boundaries of design.

Magis constantly searching for novel ideas, new design languages and innovative production methods. Consequently, our product portfolio is wide-ranging, from the pure to the expressive. Some might say Magis is eclectic. We say yes, we are. Because uncompromising design requires freedom.

A Magis product needs to be handsome and functional, and it needs to embody a strong idea. Anything else would be easy and ordinary: not the Magis way at all. 


Magis is a family business in the best sense: Run by the Perazzas and guided by strong values. They believe that respect, honesty and loyalty are important qualities in life and in business. That’s why growing together and taking responsibility for one another are key pillars of their corporate culture. They strive to build long-lasting and fruitful relationships with all of their employees, designers, suppliers and partners.

Although Magis is a global design brand, deeply rooted in Veneto. For a long time, this region in Northern Italy has been known for its excellent industrial production and traditional craftmanship. All of Magis‘s products are made to last. Thanks to timeless designs, durable materials and excellent workmanship they can be enjoyed for a very long time and therefore make a statement against the throwaway society.

For more than a decade they have been actively researching alternatives to regular plastics. Over the years Magis have experimented with different materials such as jute, hemp, and recycled, recyclable and even biodegradable plastics. 

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