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Casala specialises in the production of stylish contract furniture that excels in both design and functionality. Founded in Germany in 1917, Casala started with a big factory in Lauenau, Hannover area. It all started with the production of wooden shoe soles, and soon Casala concentrated on the production of wooden furniture, and later on metal and upholstered furniture as well. Nowadays Casala is established at The Netherlands with offices in Germany, England and France and produces modern contract furniture with a long lifespan. Technical innovations are first and foremost in its development.

Sustainability and Quality

Casala Furniture has an excellent story to tell within the Circular Economy. The whole collection has been developed on the basis of sustainable principles. For all products, guarantee the recovery and re-use to the highest possible level. Casala can supply a raw material passport for all its products, in which the composition of raw materials is recorded per product. In this way, users know exactly what they are purchasing, that no harmful substances have been used and the extent to which recycled materials have been used. The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Casala products is currently being prepared. This will map the environmental performance of each product separately based on a complete Life Cycle Analysis.


  • ISO 9001 & 14001, FSC® and PEFC™ certified
    Casala is ISO 9001 & 14001, FSC® and PEFC™ certified
    Suppliers in the supply chain are ISO 9001 & 14001, FSC® and PEFC™ certified
    Practically all products containing wood can be supplied with an FSC® or PEFC™ claim.

  • NEN-EN 16139:2013
    The majority of Casala chair programmes hold the NEN-EN 16139:2013 certificate. This European quality standard sets requirements for the strength, safety and sustainability of all types of seats for non-domestic use by adults, including visitors’ and conference chairs.

  • EN15372:2016
    The majority of Casala’s table programmes are EN15372:2016 certified. This European quality standard sets requirements for the strength, safety and durability of all types of non-household tables.

  • Geprüfte Sicherheit (“Tested Safety”)
    Much of the Casala furniture has the ‘Geprüfte Sicherheit’ (GS) seal of approval. This is a quality label for the technical equipment (strength) of our furniture. It indicates that the furniture and the production method comply with German and, where applicable, European safety requirements for this type of furniture.

  • NPR 8313
    NEN drafts a Dutch guideline for definitions and measurement methods for circular contract furniture in cooperation with partners. Casala has been an active member of the project group since its inception. With our circular approach, our newly manufactured products and ReFurniture, we comply with the principles set out in this directive well before it is published.

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